Nikki and Gerald are so talented, meticulous, kind and smart. We are thrilled with our new bathroom suite and were so pleasantly surprised with how smooth the process was (on our part at least!). They took my ideas and somehow made the bathroom 100 times better!

Emma H., Shaker Heights, OH

Words cannot express my gratitude for the beauty, calm and style that you brought to our home! I feel at peace every time I come down the stairs or walk through the door. You truly made our house a home.

Meg H., Shaker Heights, OH

Shaker Interiors was building 2 pieces of custom furniture (a large window seat and a kitchen table) for an in-process breakfast room and kitchen refresh being done by another contractor. The contractor suffered a family tragedy and could not complete the job, Nikki and her team swooped in and completed the job. With less than two weeks before a family celebration I was holding in my home they went above and beyond what was asked and delivered a beautiful, fresh look for my party- all within my budget and ahead of my time frame. Nikki’s tradespeople are 2nd to none and they are as efficient and considerate as they are talented. Nikki has a gift for identifying potential missteps and designing around them, choosing beautiful fabrics and colors and putting them together in unexpected ways. Nikki is easy to work with and is respectful of the opinions and preferences of her clients. She is excellent at setting expectations and delivers when she says she is going to. The whole experience was a pleasure.

Tiffany G., Shaker Heights, OH

I used Shaker Interiors for my kitchen remodel. I was beyond impressed with Nikki. Nikki was always very honest and professional. She helped make a very overwhelming project more enjoyable and less stressful. She helped guide me in the right direction and always kept my taste and budget in mind. Using Nikki was one of the best decisions I made with the remodel. I love my new kitchen and can not imagine having done it without her by my side. Thank you Nikki! I would definitely recommend you to anyone!

Lynn T., Chagrin Falls, OH

Nikki is terrific! Not only does she make the process fun and exciting, but she incorporates her client’s ideas and lifestyle and more than delivers. Moving into a new apartment, I was overwhelmed with the furniture selection and wanted the new place to stand out, be functional and comfortable. I was impressed with her knowledge of fabrics and furniture construction which led to several beautiful custom pieces. She sourced the ideal swivel chairs, unique end tables, art and accessories to create the perfect apartment for me. Her energy and follow-through are unique qualities, making the project a real success and pleasure.

Neil W., Orange Village, OH

Nikki is by far the best designer I have worked with. She easily reads the client’s taste and provides respectful, professional advice to achieve the desired look. She is the first designer that I felt truly understood my likes and dislikes in color and design. Her team was incredibly artistic and efficient with their timing of the project.

Denise D., Shaker Heights and Madeira, OH

Nikki from Shaker Interiors did a fabulous job. Her imagination, creativity and communication made the project enjoyable. I’m an extremely busy professional that has very little time for a home project of this scale. And I never would have had the time, patience or taste Nikki has to pull it all together. She is amazingly talented and I will keep her on retainer for a very long time. I’m confident she will keep my home refreshed and energized with her beautiful touch!

Frank C., Beachwood, OH

Many thanks to the wonderful and talented Nikki Pulver for her design help with my foyer, entrance hall, dining room and living room. Nikki has an amazing eye for color, pattern and texture and she knows instinctively what works in a home and how to work with her clients’ tastes. In addition, Nikki is remarkably patient and organized so every meeting had a clear and achievable purpose. Thanks Nikki for your hard work and passion. I would not hesitate to recommend Nikki to anyone going through any size design and home improvement project. I plan to use Nikki in helping us with our next home which will be in another state.

Karin F., Shaker Heights, OH

Nikki literally saved our house build timeline by helping us make decisions that my husband and I had been going back and forth on for months. She came into the project with a super positive & confident attitude and made everything seem easy — and fun! She helped us choose an entire house worth of tile, backsplash, paint colors, vanity finishes, knobs, countertop slabs and flooring. She was always on time, quick to respond to questions, and ready to help any way she could. Her knowledge goes beyond interior design. She is well informed when it comes to all things construction. We are so happy with the outcome. Everyone that walks into our home has something lovely to say about the aesthetics and we truly couldn’t have done it without her help.

Alexis D., Highland Heights, OH